Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holbrook Canyon Back Country Horseman

This morning I led a wonderful group of people in the most beautiful Holbrook canyon just south of the Bountiful Temple.  The beauty was terrific!  Fall colors, beautiful holbrook creek winding its way down the mountain.  The trail follows the creek up the mountain.  This trail can take you from Bountiful all the way to Morgan.  The trail is a bit overgrown but we managed our way up.  We took our nippers to improve the trail on the way up and on the way back improving the trail as we went.  I was able to ride Tiger Lilly which is an awesome buckskin Foxtrotter.  My friend Jill rode another one of my Mares (Harley).   One of our riders went down on the ride and her mare got a cut on the leg during when the horse fell.  Fortunately no one was hurt and the ride went on.   I love the outdoors from the back of a horse.  Bountiful is such a beautiful to live.  The pictures are below.

Horse Advice:  Remember to take a good look at your horse when you complete a ride to determine if there are any cuts, puncture wounds or other problems that need to be addressed.

Life Advice:  Remember to be always be Grateful.  Gratitude is the key to real happiness.

Friday, October 11, 2013

50 Years Old, What about the next 50?

What an awesome birthday!  Taking the day off work, hanging out with Marcie, breakfast in bed, 3 hour ride with Max in Mueller Park Canyon, working at the farm and a relaxing evening with Marcie.  Life is great, I am spoiled rotten.  How can the next 50 years be as good as the last?  I have been so blessed in my life.  The only way I can improve the next 50 years as compared to the past is to spend more time in the outdoors on Horseback exploring new wilderness areas.  I have much to see over the next 50 years.

My ride today with Max was so wonderful!  Nice crisp air, fall leaves of every color, moisture on the ground and air from the rain the night before.  Max was full of himself this morning and wanted to cover real estate.  We did just that.  I have never made it to Elephant rock so quickly.  We alternated between the Fox Trot, Running walk and Loping.  I would guess we moved at an average 10 miles per hour up the mountain.  This is quite quick on such a narrow trail with mud, mountain bikes, hikers, bridges and branches to dodge.  I felt so alive today and so did Max.  Surely Sept. and October in Utah on Horseback is a Celestial time.  The mountains East of Bountiful are so spectacular.  The smells of fall are so wonderful.  The pictures of my ride are below.

Horse Advice:   Always do a quick check of your horses health when your with them.  Many times you will discover bites, kick wounds, cuts or something else that needs your attention.

Life Advice:   My life advice today is for Men.  I share this with you because it inspired me.  It was shared with me from a dear friend. We have discussed together what it means to be A NOBLE AND GREAT MAN.  Here it is as penned by my friend Steve.

A NOBLE AND GREAT man is honorable, loyal and trustworthy.
A NOBLE AND GREAT man works hard to protect and provide for his family.
A NOBLE AND GREAT man is gentle and kind to women and children.
A NOBLE AND GREAT man accepts responsibility, admits when wrong and apologizes sincerely.

A NOBLE AND GREAT man lives and serves for purposes greater than himself.
A NOBLE AND GREAT man fears mediocrity not failure.