Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeling Sad Today  (MAX is gone)

Today I sold my buddy "MAX".  I am sitting here with a big pit in my stomach.  I feel somehow that I have broken a sacred agreement between horse and owner.  I wish I could have kept this wonderful Gelding.  He is so big and strong and loves to be with me.  Some of the most exhilarating times for me on the back of a horse have been with Max.  He has a powerful engine and a smooth gait that brings a big happy smile to your face.  We rode the mountains of Bountiful, antelope Island and many other mountain ranges together.  One of my favorite rides with MAX was at Snowbasin.

My mares will miss him too.  He was the big man on Campus at my farm and all the girls adored him.  He was the dominant horse in my herd so he had everyone's respect.

A wonderful family purchased him with a big spread and a tassel of kids to play with.  I am sure he is going to like his new digs better then my small little plot of ground.  Farewell my powerful friend, you were a great riding buddy and I will never forget our times together.  You were always kind and friendly.  You never walked away from a halter when it was time to ride.  You are magnificent!

Horse Advice today:  Love your horses, they are truly a blessing to have in your life.

Life Advice today:  Take a lot of pictures.  Memories fade over time.  A picture brings those memories rushing back into your heart and mind and bring a deep happiness when you remember!